Janet Wentworth Erickson



 Mother, pastel on board, 30 X 40 inches
 Academic Artists 62nd National Exhibition
April 29 - May 11, 2012
recipient of the Honor Award for pastel

 recently exhibited in 2012 at the
Butler Institute of American Art,
Youngstown, Ohio, and  the
 39th Annual Pastel Society of America Juried Exhibition, 2011
New York, New York
recipient of the

American Artist Professional League Award
Also exhibited at the Cooperstown Art Association
 Annual National Exhibition
and Essentials Regional Exhibition, 2011
recipient of The Frank Proctor Memorial Prize and Award of Merit

                                                   The initial block-in stage of Mother                      On exhibit, 2011, Cooperstown Art Association    

       Artist Statement
       My intention in art has always rested upon engagement with the human figure, it's     
       incarnation of energy, emotional and psychological resonance, and embodiment of
       enduring values and formal ideas.  Still life and landscape painting encompass
       the spirit and form of my figure compositions.  Intimations of a human presence are
       inherent in my choice of subject matter and arrangement of objects.  I prefer to work
       directly from nature, the model in the studio, the objects, structures or landscape
       before me.  By so doing, each drawing or painting experience offers a new
       exploration of formal possibilities that keep my perceptions fresh and open to
       change.  Capturing the particular character of my subject is most important to me,
       through the interplay of light and shadow on form and sensitivity of line.

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